It's Never Too Late To Learn Another Language

Our brains and minds are fascinating - how wonderful to know that our brains can change throughout our lives giving us empowerment to become the person we truly want to be. Research around language acquisition, bilingualism and learning shows that learning new skills, learning another language and being mentally active has countless benefits.

In an article in Penn State News Karen Miller, director of Penn State's Language Acquisition Lab and assistant professor of Spanish linguistics explains that. "Bilingual speakers have two languages, both of which are always activated, regardless of whether the individual is aware of that activity or not," Miller explains.

"Psycholinguistic research indicates that this continuous co-activation of two languages produces competition, so that the bilingual person is functionally a mental juggler, with the words, grammar, and sounds of both languages available, at least momentarily, when a bilingual is attempting to use one language alone. The hypothesis is that bilinguals learn to resolve cross-language competition and, in the process, acquire cognitive control that enables them to resolve competition more generally when other non-language cognitive processes conflict."

And one of the most important finding is is that it's never too late:

"One of the most important and fascinating findings in the current literature is that it is never too late!" Miller says. "Even late bilinguals, past early childhood, reveal many of these positive cognitive consequences. Likewise, older claims about limits to second language learning, suggesting that adults could not fully acquire the grammar of a second language, have been criticized. New data, especially neuroscience data, show that late learners are indeed able to acquire native-like proficiency."

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