Play-Based Learning Is The Key To Long Term Success

The debate has been going on for a long time - do kids need to start to be instructed at earlier ages to close the gap between disadvantaged and more privileged children? Will kids not be able to learn enough to be ready for the 21st century? These questions are a hot topic in education, schools, governments and parent groups.

Play Based Learning With Ben And Bella English"Ben & Bella"
engages kids in a playful and fun way so that learning is not the key issue but being immersed or playing games that are actually interesting and engaging for the child. We developed our games, stories and programmes according to the newest research and ideas about immersive and natural learning. Children "learn" English in the same way as they learn their mother tongue - by hearing, mimicking and playing with words and sounds.The latest research suggests that early academic instruction does not provide long-term success but it might be actually the other way around. Children learn through play and play-based learning seems the way to go. Very early academic instruction might actually confuse kids and make them want to learn even less: Read more here in the NY Times.


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