Audio Book : A Special Day / 60+ words (Digital Product)

Ben and Bella are going on a picnic and camp outside. They get on a bus to the countryside and walk to the beach. After a swim and a picnic they pitch a tent and camp out under the stars. They hear a scary noise, what could this be?


Running time: 8:02 min.

Learning goal:
  • 60 English words
  • nature objects
  • food names
  • camping terms

Each audio book includes about 60 important words and short phrases. Your child will learn the English names for many nature, food and camping items ??while discovering how much fun people can have outside!

Educational Objective:
Good reading comprehension and engagement are essential for learning. Audiobooks can serve as a strong foundation to promote literacy in young native speakers and second language learners. Listening to stories being read out aloud helps students to get started with their own reading and will also help them to read beyond their reading level. Listening to audiobooks on a regular basis will lead to an overall improvement in reading skills.

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