3 Cartoon Videos : A Special Day / 75+ words (Digital Product)

Ben and Bella spend A Night Outdoors while on a camping trip. In the middle of the night they hear a noise - it is a ghost! But the ghost named Billy is not scary. At the Beach Ben and Bella build a sand castle using their buckets and shovels, and decorate it with shells and flags. After that, it’s time to go swimming. They are very hungry now. So The Picnic will be fun. But the ants are eating their food!


Running time: 15:35 min.

A Night Outdoors : 5:16 min.
The Picnic : 5:05 min.
At the Beach : 5:15 min.

Learning goal:
  • 75 key words and phrases
  • don’t be afraid of the dark
  • importance of confidence
  • sharing

There's so much to see and hear in each animated cartoon, yet each of the 3 cartoons focuses on 25 key words and phrases.

Educational Objective:
The 3 animated cartoons are both entertaining and educational, and they provide a natural gateway to Ben & Bella’s world. Ben, Bella and their friends say and repeat key English words while the relevant objects, animals, etc. are depicted onscreen. As your child watches the cartoons, he or she will begin to absorb the rhythm and meaning of the English words in each episode.

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