Exercise Packages (for 10 children) (Physical Product)

These Exercise Packages are support material for the Teaching Resource Set. Each chiild should have his/her own own set of exercise materials to effectively follow the lessons engaging activities. You will receive 10 sets of Exercise Packages within this package.


10 sets of Exercise Packages each
4 Exercise pads
Exercises 1, 18 pages for Units 1-5
Exercises 2, 48 pages for Units 6-10
Exercises 3, 54 pages for Units 11-15
Exercises 4, 40 pages for Units 16-20

Learning goal:
  • cutting and pasting
  • matching pairs
  • sorting images by context
  • recognizing images of vocabulary words
  • preparing materials to play a vocabulary game
  • following instructions

Educational Objective:
Children enjoy testing their knowledge and skills with creative assignments. A total of 130 exercises were prepared for the lessons, most of which include at least one exercise assignment that supports that lesson?? learning goals. The exercises are of varying types and levels of difficulty, and involve both creative and conceptual activities.

The Exercise Package will be shipment by postal service.

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