3 Sing & Dance Videos : A Special Day / 60+ words (Digital Product)

Sing and dance with Ben & Bella. Have fun with the pop song What's going on Outside and the dance version of the song Come with me. The song Going to the Beach will get you and your child into the reggae groove.


3 Song Videos
3 Karaoke Videos
10 Step-by-Step Choreography Videos

What‘s Going on Outside?, 3:09 min.
Going to the Beach, 4:01 min.
Come with Me, 3:22 min.

Learning goal:
  • songs with karaoke
  • dance with step-by-step choreo
  • rhythm
  • colors
  • beach toys
  • food words

Each song features a short list of key words which your child will learn quickly through regular repetition and mimicking of the words and actions. These three songs teach animal words, action verbs and prepositions. Learn to dance to each song with detailed step-by-step choreographies.

Educational Objective:
While singing and dancing along to the happy and easy to memories songs your child's engagement and immersion in the English language will deepen. The dance moves are timed to the key lyrics of the songs, with the dancers acting out the most important words or phrases.
Not only does the meaning of a noun become clear when the children in the music videos and especially the choreographer imitate it, but more abstract concepts like verbs, are also easier to understand when they are physically portrayed.

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