3 Songs : At The Circus / 60+ words (Digital Product)

Sing with Ben & Bella. Have fun with the pop song We're going to see the Magician, with the Irish folk song Oh Tito about a tightrope walker and a dance song teaching your child names for many different body parts called Clown Song.


Running time: 10:07 min.

Learning goal:
  • 61 key words
  • prepositions
  • body parts
  • safety

Each song features a short list of key vocabulary which your child will quickly learn through regular repetition. These three songs teach 9 prepositions, 7 body parts and how to walk on a tightrope.

Educational Objective:
Mastering a language means being able to understand and re-create its rhythm and melody. Songs help your child truly hear the language, to feel the rhythm of English speech and to take in its pronunciation. It is simply easier to sing along than to speak!

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