Sticker Book : In The City / 50+ words (Physical + Digital Product)

This sticker book offers a variety of play and learning opportunities for your child. Your child can not only create a beautiful almost 100cm wide fold-out poster with the 50 stickers but also make the sticker book come alive when he or she uses it with Ben & Bella's Treasure Box app. The app allows your child to scan the stickers and listen to the pronunciation of each word. See what happens if you scan the story icon and the song icon for more interactive fun. After listening, your child can re-create the story in the sticker book or sing along to the song. Each scanned sticker's word is automatically transferred to the app's Gallery helping your child to audio-visually identify each word.


Running time: 10.41 min.

Story : 6:24 min.
Song : 4:17 min.

Learning goal:
  • 50 key words
  • transportation words
  • action verbs
  • traffic rules

Learn 50 key words by pasting stickers and bringing each sticker to life with Ben & Bella's Treasure Box app. Learn many words about transportation, action verbs and the traffic rules that apply to a traffic light.

Educational Objective:
This sticker book provides a multisensory learning experience for your child. Your child engages not only in hands on play and has fun by pasting stickers, he or she will also be able listen to the word represented by each sticker via the app and recognize the rhythm and sound of correctly articulated English in the story and the song. And the natural interest in the use of mobile devices will help your child to continue taking interest in learning new words with Ben & Bella's Treasure Box app.

The sticker book will be shipped by postal service, whereas you can download Ben & Bella's Treasure Box app from the app store. The app is free and the download link for the app will be included in the confirmation e-mail for this purchase.

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