Storybook Video : At The Zoo / 60+ words (Digital Product)

Ben and Bella go to the zoo. They buy two tickets and visit the monkeys. The mother chimp is crying because her baby, Charley, is lost. Ben and Bella search for Charley in the jungle and the savanna, near the aquarium and the ice house. Where will they find Charley?


Running time: 12:45 min.

Learning goal: 60 English words

Each storybook video includes about 60 important words and short phrases. Your child will learn the English names for many zoo animals and nature objects as well as a host of active verbs.

Educational Objective:
The storybook video gives your child an additional opportunity to recognize the rhythm and sound of correctly articulated English. To encourage your child’s acquisition of vocabulary, important words are highlighted visually when the native English speaker speaks them.

This digital purchase will be instantly delivered to your Ben & Bella Treasure Box app. The app is free and the download link for the app will be included in the confirmation e-mail of this purchase. Upon registration via the app your storybook video will be automatically available for download in the app.

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