Teaching Resource / 1,000+ words (Physical + Digital Product)

Discover English with Ben & Bella's Teaching Resource is based on the principle of immersive learning. Children aged 2 to 5 experience the English language in a similar way how they have learned their mother tongue. The curriculum immerses and involves them in English by using songs, chants, dialogues, stories and games. The students are introduced to the all English-language world of our two loveable cartoon characters, Ben and Bella. The world of Ben & Bella is a world where learning is varied and fun.


Children learn their first language by hearing, mimicking and by actively experiencing it in a living environment. My Ben & Bella teaches English to children aged 2-5 years old in the same way - based on the principle of immersive learning.

1 Lesson Plan book, 100 well-structured lessons
3 Sing & Dance DVDs, 18 original songs
1 Album, 18 audio versions of the songs
406 Flashcards, each 210 x 148 mm
4 Exercise Pads containing 130 colorful exercises
18 Storybooks, softcover, 16 pages each
18 Audio Books

Learning goal:
  • 1,000+ key words and phrases
  • concentration skills
  • pronunciation of English words
  • early reading skills
  • fine-motor skills
  • memory training

Teaching Method:
Each lesson offers a variety of activities which range from quiet listening and understanding to active participation through song and dance. This helps to keep the children?? attention and to increase their pleasure in learning. Many games and activities learned in earlier lessons will be repeated using different vocabulary in later lessons. As the lessons proceed and the children become familiar with their tasks and routines, they will join in more quickly and enthusiastically.

Educational Objective:
Along the way, the children will be gaining other important skills necessary to their future success both at school and at work. They will be learning how to follow instructions, to concentrate and to cooperate with others, and will be actively training their ear, their memory and their fine-motor skills. In general, they will be learning how to focus their considerable energy in a variety of positive directions.

Our Promise:
Learning a new language is a task which can provide a lifetime of rewards. When it is begun early, it has the best chance of success, since young children not only learn quickly but are naturally curious. With the Discover English with Ben & Bella Teaching Resource, children experience English the way they want to experience a new language. Their fun in learning can only help to increase their teacher?? enjoyment in teaching!

The Teaching Resource Set will be shipped by postal service. The digital components of your purchase will be instantly delivered to your Ben & Bella Treasure Box app. The app is free and the download link for the app will be included in the confirmation e-mail for this purchase. Upon your registration in the app your digital components [songs, audiobooks and sing & dance videos] will be automatically available for download in the app.

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