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Teaching Resource Set


The Teaching Resource set has everything you’ll need for teaching English to young children. Its key asset is:
  • a clearly written Lesson Plan, containing step-by-step instructions for 100 playful and varied lessons
It also includes a wealth of supplementary materials, which support the Lesson Plan and are used throughout it:
  • 3 Sing & Dance DVDs with 18 original English songs for kids
  • 18 storybooks
  • 4 exercise books with a total of 130 exercises
  • 406 flashcards of key vocabulary words 
Plus digital access to
  • 18 songs as mp3
  • all exercises to download for your classroom 
  • 18 audio books of all storybooks 

See yourself how the Teaching Resource’s “involve me and I learn” concept translates into an entertaining and effective teaching curriculum for your class!
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